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T00120 Single Edge Knife
T00130 Creasing Wheel
T00135A Kiss Cutting Knife
T00138 Coroplast Knife
T00139 Universal Single Edge Knife
T00140 V-Cut Knife
T00141 Drawing Tool
T00144 Perforating Wheel



Ideal tool for creating precise perforations on paper, vinyl, cardstock, etc.

T00126 Oscillating Knife

Oscillating Tool


Powerful oscillating tool with extended stroke for cutting tough, dense materials like corrugated stock, thicker grades of Foam Board, Honeycomb Board, Styrofoam and more.

Laser for Cutting Fabric and Textile

C02 Laser


40 Watt Synrad tool used for textiles/fabrics, acrylics, wood, and more.

T00143 Rotary Knife

Rotary Knife


Motorized tool which utilizes a 10-sided cutting wheel for cutting textiles, fabrics, and other fibrous materials. The cutting wheel rotates to glide through materials producing a clean cut at a high rate of speed.

T00143 Heavy Duty Rotary Knife

Heavy Duty Rotary Knife


Motorized tool which is used for materials like textile and fabric cutting.