Colex is Exclusive Fotoba Dealer in North America

The Colex and Fotoba partnership offers the industry’s most extensive line of precision X/Y cutting equipment together with premier service.

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XL Series

XLA 170More Detail

The automatic vertical blade positioning allows X/Y cutting of multiple sizes without operator intervention.

XLD 320HSMore Detail

Being extremely fast it can be used for high volume standard 1,6 and 3,2m media.

Fotoba XLD170XLD 170More Detail

The Fotoba XLD-170 is the perfect solution to trim all flexible media output up to 67” wide and 40 mil thick.

Fotoba XLD170 RenderingXLD 170HSMore Detail

The XLD170HS doubles the speed of the XLD Standard model.

Fotoba XLD170 In LineINLINE CUTTINGMore Detail

The XLE/XLD series can be set in line to any printer by means of a pneumatically controlled buffer.

XLD170WP-REW160XLD-170WPMore Detail

XLD 170WP designed to make the most accurate vertical cut enabling a perfect butt-joint.

Fotoba XLE170 XY CUtterXLE 170More Detail

The XLE170 is a simplified version of the XLD170 Standard