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XLA 170

The XLA 170 is a high performance fully automatic cutter


The XLA170 is controlled by barcode. When the printed size on the roll media changes, the XLA stops and moves the slitters into the correct position and continues to cut automatically. A big step forward to unattended finishing!
  • Increased Productivity: In the past, different image sizes in the same media roll required the operator to stop the cutter, reposition the vertical slitters and restart the cutter for each image change. The new Fotoba XLA170 does this operation automatically, removing operator errors completely.

  • Automation: The XLA170 features (6) double rotary slitters with the ability to cut up to 5 images side by side. When there are only 4, 3 or 2 images side by side, the rotary slitters move out of the way. This new technology offers complete automation increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.

  • Wallpaper: The XLA170 can be used for hi-precision wallpaper cutting for butt joint application installation.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Industrial Build

Barcode Reader

FOTOBA CUTMARKS are embedded in most popular RIP softwares.

The XL Series can handle media with a maximum thickness of 40 mil including polycarbonate, laminates and encapsulated media, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, graphic arts film, duratrans, canvas and much more.

The Fotoba XLA170 can be completed with a total finishing system by adding the following:

  • Fotoba JRU Motorized Feeder for Heavy Duty Rolls.
  • Fotoba Rewinder for rewinding Wallpaper into coreless rolls.
  • Fotoba Label Dispenser to automate taping of cut and finishing roll ready to deliver to customer.
  • Fotoba Stacker to receive and stack finishing media.

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Technical Specification

Max paper width: 64 in.

Min paper width: 8 in.

Min Roll Width: 33.5 in.

Net Weight: 550 lbs.

Dimensions: 110″ x 34″ x 44″

Shipping Dimensions: 119″ x 48″ x 57″

Shipping Weight: 770 lbs.