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Fotoba XLA 170 Digital Cutter

Fast | Productive | Precise | Reliable

A big step forward to finishing automation!

The XLA 170 is controlled by a barcode reader. When the printed size on the roll media changes, the XLA 170 stops and moves the slitters into the correct position and continues to cut automatically.
  • Bar Code Reader: A bar code is printed on the sheet outside of the image, then the bar code reader interprets the cut data, and the vertical rotary slitters are set to cut the position automatically.

  • Slitter Automation: The XLA-170 features six double rotary slitters with the ability to cut up to five equal size prints, side by side. If there are less than five print sizes, side by side, the rotary slitters move out of the way.

  • Increased Productivity: In the past, different image sizes in the same media roll required the operator to stop the cutter, reposition the vertical slitters and restart the cutter for each image change. The new Fotoba XLA170 does this operation automatically, removing operator errors.

  • Applications: The Fotoba XLA170 automatic digital cutter, combined with a roll to roll printer, opens a wide range of graphic applications for the print service provider. The XLA-170, can cut a wide variety of materials that include and are not limited to; wall coverings, floor graphics, paper, posters, SAV (decal material), stickers, banner, window graphics, signs & canvas.

  • Wallpaper: The XLA utilizes technology for high precision cutting applications such as butt joint wallpaper installation applications. The XLA affords the opportunity to eliminate wallpaper overlap for a smooth continuous look for wallpaper dècor.

FOTOBA CUTMARKS are embedded in most popular RIP softwares.

The XL Series can handle media with a maximum thickness of 40 mil including polycarbonate, laminates and encapsulated media, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, graphic arts film, duratrans, canvas and much more.

The Fotoba XLA can be a total finishing system by adding loading, rewinding, taping and stacking accessories.

  • JRL170 – Jumbo Roll Loader for jumbo rolls of media
  • Rewinder REW162 – multipage rewinder which rewinds wallpaper into coreless rolls
  • Label Dispenser (this is not a printer) – automatic taping of coreless rolls, ready for fulfillment
  • Exit Stacker – stacker to receive printed sheets and stack finished media

Bar Code Reader

Intuitive Touch Screen

Industrial Build

Technical Specification

Compensation: Self-squaring to the edge of the image (X)

Sensor: Automatic barcode reader and slitter alignment to vertical axis

Automatic: Automatic scanning of barcode made with RIP software

Versatility: Automatically adjust cuts of sheet size and quantity up to 5 images on the web width of the media

Max. Cutting Width: 67 inches

Min. Cutting Width: 8 inches

Min. Supply Roll Width: 33.5 inches

Cutter Dimensions & Weight: 110” x 34” x 44” | 550 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions & Weight: 119” x 48” x 57” | 1,200 lbs.

Substrates: Up to 40 mil thick

Memory: Memory channels to store different cut marks

Blades: Self-sharpening blade system

Loading: Auto-grip for easy loading of media

Cutting: Six vertical slitters included; no additional slitters can be added

Motor: Mechanism controlled by stepper motors

Supported RIPs