What is it?

Modular optical recognition software system for multifunctional flatbed machines for industrial usage

Finishing software for outline-exact cutting with or without camera-controlled orientation.

What are the key benefits?

Supports industrial automatized workflows

Minimizes share of rejects because of optical recognition system & print divergency compensation

High-End lens/OS camera combination allows usage of miscellaneous video marks (also colored ones) & high speed mark recognition


Dream, Create, Succeed 2

Engview Library of Resizable Designs

  • More than 1,500 fully resizable templates
    for boxes and POS/POP displays.
  • Searchable Electronic Catalogue.
  • From one design, multiple variations with
    completely different sizes can be created.
  • Libraries for different materials – folding,
    corrugated or Falconboard®
  • Every change in the material thickness is
    reflected automatically in the design.
  • Presentation folders & WALLETS
  • The drawing can be exported in CFF2,
    DDES,AI, PDF, EPS,DXF,DWG and other files formats


Quick and Easy 3D Routing

The Colex Sharpcut is compatible with 3D Software with third party CAM software package including V-Carve, Enroute, Aspire, Cut3D, BobCAM, etc. Using any one of these software packages will enable you to make custom 3D signage, wood carvings, and cabinetry up to 2” thick. The Colex Sharpcut offers versatility with 3D CAM software that opens the doors to endless possibilities!
3D Model MakingCNC routing, engraving, milling
Rapid PrototypingNew product designs
Sign MakingAdding dimensional elements to signs
Wood CarvingSculptures, Signs, Models
Statues & Theme Parks3D sculptures
EngravingGifts and personalized awards


Colex Finishing Solutions and Accent Signage have teamed up to give you Braille Capabilities for the Sharpcut. Using their patented Auto-Raster Universal tool that dispenses and inserts Raster®spheres automatically, the Sharpcut can give you an automated solution to making braille signage and more! The tool is very easy to install on our machines, requires no special software to use, and installs spheres 5 times faster than the manual process. To learn more about making braille with the Sharpcut please click the button below.

Auto-Raster Universal