Full Set of 10 Creasing Wheels


Order the full set of creasing wheels to diversify your packaging capabilities! From Folding Carton to A-flute Corrugated Cardboard, you can crease and fold materials of all different sizes.


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This set includes one of each creasing wheel in 10 different sizes.

Part NumberWheel DescriptionCreasing Material
T0082617mm Dia. - 1 Pt DoubleFolding Carton Min-.000" Max-.040"
T0082717 mm Dia. - 2 Pt SingleFolding Carton Min-.006" Max-.030"
T0082817mm Dia. - 3 Pt SingleFolding Carton Min-.017" Max-.060"
T0082917mm Dia. - 4 Pt SingleFolding Carton Min-.030" Max-.080"
T0083017mm Dia. - 6 Pt SingleFolding Carton Min-.050" Max-.080"
T0083124mm Dia. - 6 pt SingleCorrugated Cardboard Min: E-flute Max: D-flute
T0083224mm Dia. - 8 Pt SingleCorrugated Cardboard Min: D-flute Max: B-flute
T0083324mm Dia. - 10 Pt SingleCorrugated Cardboard Min: B-flute Max: C-flute
T0083424mm Dia. - 10 Pt CrushCorrugated Cardboard Min: D-flute Max: C-flute
T0083524mm Dia. - 12 Pt SingleCorrugated Cardboard Min: C-flute Max: A-flute

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Peso .5 lbs
Dimensiones 9 × 6 × 1 in