The new Dreamcut XLD-170 is the perfect solution for cutting tiles of wall paper with extremely high accuracy to enable side by side wall application. The side sensor correction can perform an accuracy of up to 0,065mm (.002-inches) producing high precision cutting. Fotoba XL Automatic Cutters are designed to work with both rolls and sheets and can handle all flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 40 mil.

The Dreamcut XLD-170 is capable of handling the output of several printers. It is the ideal companion to the new fast printers including 5 meter/16 foot machines printing three 60” rolls simultaneously.

It cuts a 150 foot roll in under 10 Minutes!

  • Self squaring to the edge of the image (X)
  • Automatic tracking to the image edge (Y)
  • Max linear speed 50-ft per minute
  • Vertical Slicers: Single, 8mm double or adjustable double
  • Adjustable cutting lengths & quantities for media conversions
  • Memory channels to store different cut marks
  • All mechanism controlled by stepper motors
  • Automatic scanning of the cut marks
  • Self sharpening blade system
  • Accuracy: x 0.5mm(0.02 in) y 0.06mm(0.002 in)
Model) XLD - 170WP
Max Paper Width (cm/in) 170/67”
Min Paper Width (cm/in) 28/11”
Dimensions (inches.) 110” X 36” X 44”
Net Weight 650 lbs.
Power Requirement 110V – 20 amps.
Air Requirement 60 psi, 5cfm

The Fotoba Coreless Rewinder creates a fully automated solution for all wall paper cutting and rewinding applications. It is the perfect solution to cut and rewind media up to 64" wide. This complete finishing package offers quick turnaround times allowing wall paper to be delivered to your customer in a timely manner.

  • For 8, 10 or 30 Foot Rolls
  • Rewinds 1 or 2 Rolls Simultaneously
  • Rewinds up to 300 (approximate) – 30 foot rolls per 8 hour shift

Model Max Cutting
Width (cm/in)
Min Cutting
Width (cm/in)
Net Weight
Unit Dimension
Rewinder 104 104/41" 50/20" 440lbs. 63"x55"x41" 110V–2amps. 2.5BAR
Rewinder 160 160/62" 50/20" 559lbs. 84"x55"x41" 110V–2amps. 2.5BAR