Companies are always asking for laminators that have quick warm up times, fast speeds, a user friendly interface and even trimming capabilities. Colex would like to introduce you to our new C364 and M564 laminators which provide the speed trimming and convenience you are looking for.

Laminator C364

  • Pneumatic Model with Heat Assisted Roller

  • Laminating & Trimming at 60-ft per minute

  • Heavy Duty 5-inch Silicon Roller

  • Fully Adjustable Nip-Gap & Pressure Adjustment

  • Auto Locking Exchangeable Roll Shaft

  • User Friendly LCD Controls


Laminator M564

  • Classic Model with Heat Assisted Rollers

  • Two-Rail Lifting for Equal Pressure

  • Manual Nip-Gap & Pressure Adjustment

  • Heavy Duty 5”-Inch Diameter Silicon Rollers

  • Auto-Locking Exchangeable Roll Shafts

  • Front Roller Bar: Generates proper tension & Less Friction

  • Up/Down Movement by Manual Crank


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