Laminator M564

Rolls up to 64 inches wide

Laminator M564

  • Classic Model with Heat Assisted Rollers

  • Two-Rail Lifting for Equal Pressure

  • Manual Nip-Gap & Pressure Adjustment

  • Heavy Duty 5”-Inch Diameter Silicon Rollers

  • Auto-Locking Exchangeable Roll Shafts

  • Front Roller Bar: Generates proper tension & Less Friction

  • Up/Down Movement by Manual Crank

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Maximum Thickness: 7/8”-Inch

Maximum Speed: 40-ft. per Minute

Maximum Temperature: 175F/80C

Warm Up Time: 5 to 10 Minutes

Power Consumption: 0.5 to 0.8 KW/Hour

Power Input: 1400 Watt

Volt: 110/220 Volt

Weight 450 lbs