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X/Y autosquaring automatic cutter 160cm/64 inches


The Digitrim automatic cutters features the ability to sense cut marks placed between multiple digital images printed or exposed simultaneously on paper or any digital media.

Regardless of any slight misalignment when paper is introduced to the Digitrim, the cutter will automatically re-align itself to the IMAGE SIDE.

All that is required to be printed/exposed on the paper together with your images is a simple mark as shown above. Whether it is photographic, electrostatic, inkjet, offset, laser etc. the Digitrim will cut it perfectly square every time.

  • Accuracy to .1mm
  • Programmable double cut
  • Fully Automatic
  • Self sharpening rotary blades
  • Easy to use self starting cut cycle
  • Five channels to store cut mark data
  • Auto Trim function
  • Maximum cutting thickness up to .5mm

When cutting, the Digitrim is guided by the FOTOBA CUTMARKS which are placed along with edge of the images by the digital printer. All popular RIP’s have the capability to create FOTOBA CUTMARKS automatically.

Regardless of any slight misalignment, when paper is introduced into the Digitrim, the cutter will automatically re-align itself to the image


Automatic In-Line Rewinding Solutions for non-stop production.

Motorized Roll Feeder

Can easily hold 660 lbs.

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Technical Specification

Max paper width: 163cm/64in.

Min paper width: 20cm/8in.

Max roll diameter allowed: 21cm

Max cutting thickness: 0.5mm (0.02 inch)

Feeding speed: 50 ft. per min.

X cutting accuracy: 0.5mm (0.02 inch)

Y cutting accuracy: 0.5mm (0.02 inch)

Net Weight: 378 lbs.

Dimensions: 93″ x 40″ x 32″