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Easy Roll Transporter

Easy Roll Transporter


  • The Easy Transporter is ideal for lifting and transporting heavy media rolls to and from your printing equipment.
  • The Easy Transporter has a long flip ramp so that rolls are easily loaded on the lifter. The flip up on the ramp maintains transport security.
  • With our system, rolls weighing up to 880 lbs can be raised to a height of up to 36”.
  • Low-noise winch with safety crank handle.
  • 8” diameter rear wheels enable loads to be transported across uneven floors and steps.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Retractable wheels allowing you to move the lifter in all directions as required, it also rotates 360° on the spot.
  • The Easy Transporter passes through doorways and opening from 30” and wider.
  • Parking brake on both rear wheels.
  • The Easy Transporter is made for easy use and durability. Tubular construction for maximum loading capacity at the reduced weight (>66 lbs.) High-quality galvanized finish.


  • Time-Saving
  • Shipment in rolls take less space reducing shipping costs
  • A complete workflow from roll to roll ready for delivery (On-Line)

Technical Specification

Capacity: 880 lbs.

Highest Point (From Roll Tray): 36in.

Net Weight: 165 lbs.

Optional Flip Ramp Available