ROLLSROLLER™ Flatbed Applicator

ROLLSROLLER™ helps you save time and money. The ROLLSROLLER™ Flatbed Applicator enables a single person to apply all types of self-adhesive vinyl, applicator film and protective laminate in just a few minutes.

It gives you complete control over positioning and produces results that are free from bubbles and creases.

  • Easy to laminate from roll to substrate
  • Fast and precise dry application to surface
  • Media holder for end of bed is a practical option
  • Practical side pockets for banner media
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Even better ergonomics if you choose a height-adjustable ROLLSROLLER™

Choosing the right ROLLSROLLER™ To ensure that everyone can find the right ROLLSROLLER™ for their needs, we produce several standard models. The main difference between them is the size of the applicator bed.

You should base your choice of ROLLSROLLER™ on your needs:

  • Which sizes of signs do you mostly produce?
  • Which media widths do you use?
  • What width do you get from your plotter or printer?
  • How do you expect your needs to change in the future?

Based on your answers to these questions you should be able to find the right ROLLSROLLER™. Start with the media width and sign width, then the length.

Many sign makers find that application and lamination are the bottleneck in production – usually because they are still doing the job manually. ROLLSROLLER™ changes everything.

All of a sudden it’s the printer that can’t keep up, even though the applicator requires only one operator. It allows you to increase production without investing in new staff. You eliminate rejects and problems with creases and bubbles.

You get a better working environment, since the laminator is also available in a height-adjustable version. And it requires almost zero training to operate ROLLSROLLER™ quickly and efficiently.

ROLLSROLLER™ is a profitable addition to your team. It is suitable for applying plotter text and digital printouts, applicate onto curved signs, banners, flexible sign faces, acrylic plastic and panels. You can also use the machine on material that is up to six centimetres thick.

ROLLSROLLER™ is designed for dry application. The roller is pressurised pneumatically and clamps the material against the sign. This permits complete control over positioning.

ROLLSROLLER™ is fully assembled at the factory, so when your applicator is delivered it will improve your profitability from day one.

Welcome to the future of sign making.

ROLLSROLLER BASIC: Flatbed Applicator with Illuminated Glass Bed, Media Holder, Self-Healing Cutting Mat & Compressor included.

ROLLSROLLER 280/145B 8 ft.4” X 56” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 340/145B 10 ft. 4” X 56” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 340/170B 10-ft 4” X 65” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 400/170B 12-ft" X 65” Maximum Work Area

ROLLSROLLER PREMIUM: Flatbed Applicator with Illuminated Glass Bed, Media Holder, Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Side Pockets, Media Holder & Compressor included.

ROLLSROLLER 400/170P 12-ft" X 65” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 540/170P 16-ft 5” X 65” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 540/220P 16-ft5” X 82” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 605/170P 18-ft5” X 65” Maximum Work Area
ROLLSROLLER 1080/170P 34-ft" X 65” Maximum Work Area



My ROLLSROLLER arrived this morning, unpacked and in operation by 11:30 a.m. We laid down 2,000 square feet in the first day!
� Sean Grams, Digital Design

For GDS Business Displays, the ROLLSROLLER was the right choice! After only 4 months, we cannot function without it. It has increased our productivity, lowered our waste and allowed us to introduce many new products to our customers. There is nothing on the market at this price point that allows you to accomplish what ROLLSROLLER is accomplishing for our operation. It is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to train an employee. A novice can produce perfect graphics in less than 15 minutes.
� Harvey Meister, GDS Business Displays, Bloomington, IL

This machine rocks, we totally love it! A job that use to take an hour is now completed in 10 minutes!
� Prints Plus, USA