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Affordability Meets Productivity

Colex Finishing, Inc. is Headquartered in Elmwood Park, New Jersey with easy access to all New York airports, offering our customers the opportunity to visit our Headquarters/Manufacturing facility and demo our full line of cutters. Colex has revolutionized cutting technology with high-quality cutters without compromise and become a recognized global leader in our industry.

Colex specializes in wide format cutting equipment for Graphic Sign, Display, P.O.P. and Packaging. Colex offers the industry’s most extensive line of precision cutting equipment together with premier service.

Colex is Exclusive Distributor in North America for Fotoba X/Y Cutters offering models from 64” to 126” wide.

Colex manufactures the Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter 5’ x 10’ and 10’ X 10’ offering versatility, speed and price for the perfect combination.

Colex was established in 1972, concentrating on photographic equipment in the early years manufacturing more than 6,000 photo processors up to 80” wide for the U.S. market in addition to export installations to more than 50 countries. Due to changes in the marketplace, Colex adjusted its product line and now thrives in the booming wide format printing industry specializing in finishing solutions to all industries.

Colex offers full service always paying attention to our customer’s needs. “Affordability Meets Productivity” is our motto. Our products and services are guaranteed to deliver the productivity and reliability essential to our customers’ success.

Colex Production Line


Colex Finishing Solutions Inc. is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing all industries with an extensive line of high precision cutting equipment.


Werner Waden, President Since 1972-Present
Valter Maddalon, Managing Director of Fotoba